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2013-07-18 02:06:03 by lanky21

I haven't been on Newgrounds in forever! I'm sorry, but my life just took a different direction than music for a long time. I'm sorry for the people that have emailed me asking permission for my work. I hope you went ahead and did it anyway. For the record, any of the works I've published here on Newgrounds are free for anyone to use for whatever. I'd appreciate it only if you accredited me for it is all. Maybe someday I'll get music back in my life, but until then, Allons-y!

The Plan

2011-09-28 02:16:48 by lanky21

Step 1: Finish current project
Step 2: ?????
Step 3: Profit!

Gettin' Along

2011-08-12 03:46:56 by lanky21

Olo my friends! Just a small update in the whirlwind of excitement that is my life. Sorry I haven't posted much, work has been dominating much of my time (and playing Elder Scrolls:Oblivion, Mortal Kombat, and to a lesser degree my old favorite....Pokemon Yellow), as well as a general lag of music requests from my few friends and associates who need such things from time to time. I've got a few projects close to finished waiting for that last little touch, so I hope to have those up by next week.

Sadly I'm still making do with my Magix software. I dabbled with EW Symphonic Orchestra for a time, but it's seriously complex to just dive into and figure out. I'm reading manuals and tutorials like crazy trying to figure everything out. So it'll be a while still before I feel confident with those more advanced music software programs. Until then I'll have to be satisfied cutting loops as well as I can. Anyways, If you're here reading this, go vote up some of my songs! It's been a while and they need it.

Working Things Out

2011-04-12 23:48:44 by lanky21

What's up my legion of fans?! *gazes at dark, cobweb filled emptiness* Just posting to let people know I'm still around and knocking notes together. I've got one short song posted already and I'm hoping to get another shortie up soon. My more complex projects I'm still working on. I'm trying to really examine my pieces before the upload these days and I just can't seem to be satisfied with any of my longer songs. Until then, enjoy my short works and don't forget to send your comments! Your cruel, heartless comments.....T-T

New Computer Smell

2010-09-08 02:26:59 by lanky21

Just a quick update, I've got a new laptop (an Asus K50I if any of you are interested) which will make my life a little less stressful now that I won't have to be constantly rebuilding and fixing my PC. However transferring all my files (especially all the music ones!) is a long and arduous chore.

My biggest problem with the new laptop though? It's video card still isn't up to playing Starcraft 2 :'(
guess I'll have to try and find an external one that doesn't lag too much....

Anywho, thanks for sticking with me and I hope to have some new projects done soon. This long hiatus has left me with a lot of time to think up ideas for new music.


2010-07-16 19:14:21 by lanky21

MAN!! It's been a long time since I've added an update. So here it is: Electronic Gaming Monthly is back in action, so praise the Man Jesus for that. I've worked on a few new songs, although I may be switching to a new composing program soon as I might start trying to record my own instruments and thus gain more control over the songs I want to make.

For all the people I'm involved in projects with... I'M SORRY!! Things are really hectic in my life right now and I am seriously behind in everything. The few songs I've been able to post lately were half finished things that I've had sitting around forever. It's been awhile since I've had the time to just sit and create from scratch. So I hope you'll bear with me. If you get others to stand in my place, I understand and no hard feelings. Shit needs to get done, right?

That's it for now. Rock on people!

P.S. jakejosepheternity, when you get back online, we're going to party like it's 19(random date)! We need to collab again, dammit!!

Life Goes On

2010-03-04 22:49:08 by lanky21

First, let me give a shout to the brains at Quantic Dream for coming up with the PS3 game "Heavy Rain". Not only is it amazingly interesting to play, but the music scores blow my mind. The soft piano is beautifully arranged and appears with incredible artful timing during emotional scenes. Bravo to the composers at work!

All of you check out my new song "Legacy of Love" and review, damn you! My tracks may be coming along a bit slower now, as I'm trying to pace myself and critically analyze my songs before uploading them. That's it for now, keep on rocking friends!

Life Goes On

New decade seems to be bringing new life to your old pal Lanky21! After being jobless for ALMOST 2 freaking impossible years, I was finally able to land a humble little spot at my local Hammonds toy store. Now that my ships financial crack has a band-aide taped over it, I can get back to working on my music. You may have noticed a flurry of new tracks in the last few weeks, check em' out and tell me what you think!

If you're in need of a laugh, I suggest Explosms Cyanide and Happiness shorts "Pigeon" and "The Man Who Could Sit Anywhere" They crack me up even after days of watching them.

Well, That's about it. Happy decade everyone! Here's hoping 2012 remains an amusing, yet ominous, superstition.

Beat down, Fed up, Dead Tired But Still Movin' On

New Muse

2010-02-05 05:14:26 by lanky21

Yep, I've been sucked into the jolly good realm of BBC programming with Doctor Who. Expect Doctor and Torchwood inspired themes until I can get it all out of my system. For the record: David Tennant is MY Doctor, long live the Time Lord Victorious!


2009-12-31 03:39:52 by lanky21

Working on "Guitar Inquistion 2" (clever, I know), the retooled edition of the first song. It sounds....pretty much completely different. Which is kind of sad, since I liked the first one. This edition is looking to be pretty darned short as well though. I just can't keep the rhythm flowing and I can't stand to have over much repetition. Look for it soon and write your thoughts! Great rewards await those who do!! (Probably)